Thursday, 21 June 2012

How do you organise?

Ok so this blog is still kind of new, anyway just wanted to start on discussion about organising; how do you organise, what produce do you use as part of organising is it a typical daIry or maybe something technical like an iPad Anyway I bring this division because today as part of my current programme in school whet some university and higher education and employment institutions came and gave us some tips and advice what was one the most common was how organisation skills are a impTant for the real world and very crucial ... Ok I think I'm done for the day see u again if there is anybody


  1. I use a Filofax - they are totally customisable to your needs, portable, don't require power, and don't have random glitches where they delete your data.

    Don't get me wrong, I love technology - I have a Kindle, iPad, iPod touch and a MacBook, but for organising, for me it's a Filofax all the way :o)

    Using a Filofax has changed my life - I no longer have to work excessive hours, all because of changing the way I organise myself.

    The other bonus that I find is that if I write things down then I am more likely to remember them, whereas entering data into electronic devices doesn't have that effect for me.

    Good luck in finding what works best for you :o)

    1. Wow I so agree with you a while back I was in the same situation yeah some people might call us old fashioned bit no offence to the beatiful apple products but when it comes to simple stuff like writing down appointments a filofax is better in my opinion too