Thursday, 21 June 2012

How do you organise?

Ok so this blog is still kind of new, anyway just wanted to start on discussion about organising; how do you organise, what produce do you use as part of organising is it a typical daIry or maybe something technical like an iPad Anyway I bring this division because today as part of my current programme in school whet some university and higher education and employment institutions came and gave us some tips and advice what was one the most common was how organisation skills are a impTant for the real world and very crucial ... Ok I think I'm done for the day see u again if there is anybody

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

ChainX stationery gets a new look!!

He I've decided to get a new look for my blog, seeing as the the previous one seemed a bit too girly...

Anyway just wanted to say the Olympics are round the corner, and the are literally for me, infact i can see one of the Olympics hotspots right from the window in m living room.

As this is a stationery blog well linking it to the Olympics, I've found a lot of Olympic themed stationery

Do you think It's cheesy or not?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ChainX stationery Continues

Well after a month long hiatus, now that my exams are over and my laptop is currently being fixed, i'd like to continue this blog.

Well nothings happening so far as i am still yet to finish my filofax presentation.

In the mean time i'd just like to post some links to good stationery store websites

WH smith - a UK high street book store and well known stationery supplier from big brands from Moleskine to Bic.

Paperchase- Its like a sister store to WHsmith, since being founded by it, according to sources it more globalised than its founder. Paperchase fouceses more on the stationery equipment rather than books.

Ryman Stationers - a big stationery retailer, that unlike the others focuses a little bit more on stationery furniture, which is quite useful if you want that extra filing cabinet.

Well I hope you enjoy browsing through and maybe pick up a deal or two.