Thursday, 13 September 2012

Am I the Only 17 Year Old that Uses a FiloFax!?

Ever since ive started 6th form I've relised how imprtant a diary/organiser planner is- i tried the dirayies that the school give and went through endless notepads- but all flopped!

Then 8 months ago I stumbled across something called a Filofax!! It Did the same job as a diary, better still you can change the covers and it is so compact!! I loved it and saved up money for it and finally got it!! (pics uploaded later)

At first i though it was gonna be a flop and waste of money- but i use it si much that its worth the money!!

When i take it to school, everyone is really suprised friends and even some teachers ask me what is that- when i tell them its a filofax the're in shock asking me where i got it fromm and what is it and then when i tell them the price they're even more shocked!!

When the teacher tells us to write our homeworks- out comes my filo, some teachers that know about the filofax are like wow u have a filofax, their suprised since most people my age use smartphones-(PS i dont have a smart phone, i do all the smart stuff on my ipod touch.)

Apart from all the attentions, of having a filofax, i do admit i sometimes feel a bit old fashioned, being the inly 17 year old using a filofax- i hope i'm not the only one LOL