Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ChainX stationery Continues

Well after a month long hiatus, now that my exams are over and my laptop is currently being fixed, i'd like to continue this blog.

Well nothings happening so far as i am still yet to finish my filofax presentation.

In the mean time i'd just like to post some links to good stationery store websites

WH smith - a UK high street book store and well known stationery supplier from big brands from Moleskine to Bic.


Paperchase- Its like a sister store to WHsmith, since being founded by it, according to sources it more globalised than its founder. Paperchase fouceses more on the stationery equipment rather than books.


Ryman Stationers - a big stationery retailer, that unlike the others focuses a little bit more on stationery furniture, which is quite useful if you want that extra filing cabinet.


Well I hope you enjoy browsing through and maybe pick up a deal or two.

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