Friday, 4 May 2012

Welcome to Chain X Stationery!!!

Hi, everybody! Welcome to my brand new blog, well this blog is basiclly about all things stationary, from pens and rulers,  to filofaxes, and moleskines- all office supplies. This blogg is just to share ideas and thoughts based on these subjects-It's just the beggining and we've just started...

I decided to start a blog, because I got so into other blogs like philoFAXY, Plannerism and all those other stationary bloggers. BTW I don't think my blog would be as big as theirs, but thats OK!

Just to note, I by the way a current 17-year old student, am the main blogger along with Eshita and Ruhel et al. and Sonny who am not sure about- he's watching some lame documentary haha.


& Watch this Space

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