Friday, 9 November 2012

Long time- no blog- quick update

Sorry about that but school work is getting tough - anyways quick update just to show that this blog is still running.

2013 diaries are out i got mine for £5 which is the cheapest (sainsburys) but online i see the personal size for like £7- £10

so how much did u get yours for or did you use by the normal diary range - i bought another normal diary f from some dicount company called anker plc- i got the pink one below

The Image is from amazon- its about £3 but i got for like £1 from somediscount store in poplar east london...

anyways hope that was enough

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Am I the Only 17 Year Old that Uses a FiloFax!?

Ever since ive started 6th form I've relised how imprtant a diary/organiser planner is- i tried the dirayies that the school give and went through endless notepads- but all flopped!

Then 8 months ago I stumbled across something called a Filofax!! It Did the same job as a diary, better still you can change the covers and it is so compact!! I loved it and saved up money for it and finally got it!! (pics uploaded later)

At first i though it was gonna be a flop and waste of money- but i use it si much that its worth the money!!

When i take it to school, everyone is really suprised friends and even some teachers ask me what is that- when i tell them its a filofax the're in shock asking me where i got it fromm and what is it and then when i tell them the price they're even more shocked!!

When the teacher tells us to write our homeworks- out comes my filo, some teachers that know about the filofax are like wow u have a filofax, their suprised since most people my age use smartphones-(PS i dont have a smart phone, i do all the smart stuff on my ipod touch.)

Apart from all the attentions, of having a filofax, i do admit i sometimes feel a bit old fashioned, being the inly 17 year old using a filofax- i hope i'm not the only one LOL

Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Back To School Stuff

Hey, sorry for not posting in a long time anyway its that time of year late Auugust almost the end of summer, and school is around the corner- which means the return of another year of Back To School Promotions! For those who don't know what the back to school promotions are- well u can kind of see them everwhere around this time of year- its a time when all things to with school are on discount and on sale all around including stationery!! Which this blog is supposed to be about !

below is a picture I took of local Sainsburies in East London, you can see this super market is trying so hard sell its stationery gear and I couldnt resist and bought some myself...
Ok so upload downt work so try again next time ill just post

Sunday, 15 July 2012

What's A Filofax?- My Version

As this is a stationery Blog, I guess  I can talk about organisers especially the Filofax Diary!!

For those who do not know what a Filofax is ( like I was  6 months ago) or want to know more about this Then read on...

What is a Filofax?

Well its simply a company well known for producing the unique ring-binder style Diary/Planner/Organiser . Filofax is actually the name of the brand that produces the diaries which can be seen as very unique compared to normal diaries.  obviously there are alot of other Filofax style imitations from other diary companies such as Collins, but they aren't as popular or known as the Filofax.

Image 1 credit

According to my Research the Filofax was a big item in the 80's, much like how everyone would have an iphone today, or in my case ( a teen living in East London) the Blackberry smartphones!! Although technology is growing there are still some people like myself that prefer to use pen to paper when it comes to organising and remembering dates, and that's when the Filofax comes in handy.I should admit that in my area I think I'm one of the only few people that have a filofax, other than me its only the odd one or two teacher that has a filofax, everyone either uses their phone/tablet or a normal diary to remember dates, which can be awkward for a new user like me lol.

Yes come of you might say why don't i just buy a normal year diary from 99p stores or WH Smith or something, but the Filofax is really unique, with its 6 ring mechanism which allows you to add, subtract and change pages without tearing any pages or making it look like your little brother used it for squiggling. You can also change covers !! yes Filofax stocks many designs and shades of colours for these diaries, its like clothes you can get something that is personal and suits you, these diaries can also be seen as fashion statements matching it with an outfit or change it to flow with this seasons trend. The diary covers also come in rich materials such as leather and even scale effect. Just to add more each organiser has various designs of pockets which can store your credit cards, student pass, money and bit &bobs of paper.
Image 2:
Image 3:

Filofax is a very globalised company with history dating from  US company Lefax. The company is currently based in the UK, but has many global headcourters and one could be right next to you!- ( I think mine is just in the center of The City in London)

Check Your Local official Filofax website- yes local its easier because you can  have all your local currency and contact information!!

Here are a few just click on the links  - UK Website  - Filofax France

I think you get the trend now, it just filofax dot your countries domian or just google it!

Lates Everyone!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

How do you organise?

Ok so this blog is still kind of new, anyway just wanted to start on discussion about organising; how do you organise, what produce do you use as part of organising is it a typical daIry or maybe something technical like an iPad Anyway I bring this division because today as part of my current programme in school whet some university and higher education and employment institutions came and gave us some tips and advice what was one the most common was how organisation skills are a impTant for the real world and very crucial ... Ok I think I'm done for the day see u again if there is anybody

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

ChainX stationery gets a new look!!

He I've decided to get a new look for my blog, seeing as the the previous one seemed a bit too girly...

Anyway just wanted to say the Olympics are round the corner, and the are literally for me, infact i can see one of the Olympics hotspots right from the window in m living room.

As this is a stationery blog well linking it to the Olympics, I've found a lot of Olympic themed stationery

Do you think It's cheesy or not?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

ChainX stationery Continues

Well after a month long hiatus, now that my exams are over and my laptop is currently being fixed, i'd like to continue this blog.

Well nothings happening so far as i am still yet to finish my filofax presentation.

In the mean time i'd just like to post some links to good stationery store websites

WH smith - a UK high street book store and well known stationery supplier from big brands from Moleskine to Bic.

Paperchase- Its like a sister store to WHsmith, since being founded by it, according to sources it more globalised than its founder. Paperchase fouceses more on the stationery equipment rather than books.

Ryman Stationers - a big stationery retailer, that unlike the others focuses a little bit more on stationery furniture, which is quite useful if you want that extra filing cabinet.

Well I hope you enjoy browsing through and maybe pick up a deal or two.